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Marrying older men: Yaay or Nay

It is no longer news that a lot of young ladies easily fall in love and even marry older men. Do you remember how you once looked at that young lady who was in a relationship with a block and you raised eyebrows simply because her “sugar daddy” was spending so much on her in a bid to win her over and even keep her? Or wait a minute, do you also know that a lot of your favourite female celebrities have either had a romantic relationship or are even married to older men? Well this is just to remind you that the act of falling in love and marrying older men has been in existence since time immemorial.

But is marrying an older man really that bad?

Ok. So let’s do a little throw back to when the internet broke with the story of Regina Daniels marrying a much older and rich politician named Ned Nwoko. Gosh! The internet was a place to be at that time, as eyebrows were raised, keypad warriors went to work and as expected tongues wagged. The 38 years age gap between the couple made the picture of their love hard to accept for her fans. Throw in the fact that the husband is wealthy and it’s natural that suspicions are raised. It was a hot topic for discussion at every event, hair salon, club and even among the younger male folks who may now feel threatened by the older men because Ned just proved that marring the love of your life even if she’s way much younger than you are, isn’t much of a big deal after all.

Well some are of the opinion that ladies prefer older men because most older men are at that point in their lives where they have their finances already figured out, whether they’re businessmen or career men.

Others say that older men are confident and experienced. Yeah! They say that confidence comes with experience so he’s not shy and it is most likely that he has seen your kind of “sakara” in the past. So he knows exactly what to do and that, you might not find in young men.

Most importantly it is also believed that older men are straight shooters. An older man knows exactly what he’s looking for. He isn’t there to figure it out along the way. If he wants commitment, he’ll go ahead and say it unlike some younger men.

As interesting as this may sound, experiences gathered from women who have been in sexual or marital relationships with older men say that you might feel like a baby because they can be controlling as it is actually typical of older men to have the urge to control every situation. They want to always feel in control and you may find yourself struggling to assert yourself. Some also believe that life will be less exciting because he may not be as interested in partying, vacationing and seeing new places as you are. Chances are he’s passed that stage at the time he met you.

But hey, to every decision, there is a reason. You must always be the first point of consideration in every decision so do what is best for you considering the future result and how it will help you in making great impacts in the lives of your children and people around you.

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