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Monday, May 17, 2021

Georgia experiences spike in Covid-19 as PM tests positive

Irakli Garibashvili, Georgian Prime Minister, has tested positive for Corona virus.

The Prime Minister made the announcement on his social media platform on Tuesday.

He said “ I am feeling well,” adding that he would be on self isolation as he continued to work remotely.

Georgia today experienced a fresh spike on the virus as it records 897 new cases of Corona virus infection, making it three times the average number of daily infections recorded over the past months.

Overall, the Black Sea nation of some four million people has registered more than 275,000 corona virus cases and 3,832 deaths, the Health Ministry said.

In mid-March, Georgia began a national vaccination campaign by inoculating medical workers with AstraZeneca’s jab.

In addition to some 43,000 doses of AstraZeneca provided through the Covax vaccine-sharing programme, Georgia also received enough doses of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine to inoculate some 14,000 people.

The Director of Georgia’s National Centre for Disease Control, Amiran Gamkrelidze, told newsmen on Monday that  More than 11,600 people have been vaccinated so far.

He said the rollout “needs to be accelerated”.

The authorities in Georgia have so far ruled out any further anti-virus curbs.

Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia said on Monday there was “no need at this point” for further anti-pandemic restrictions.

In May last year, Georgia lifted its coronavirus lockdown and allowed shops to reopen, but a night-time curfew has remained in place.

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