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Be Careful of what you imitate on social Media

Over the years, the social media appears to have caused more harm than good to the society due to the vices it portrays. Although, many people have achieved a whole lot through the social media, the young ones have tended to use the social media platforms for negative goals.  I mean, they have been so many young people doing all kinds of unnecessary things to keep up with trends and lifestyles of people they look up to in the social media world without taking into consideration the price those persons had to pay to become what they are today.

 Everyone wants to get rich quick and nobody wants to work hard or struggle. It is as if the younger generation does not believe in hard work any longer as a means of achieving success. They believe it’s not about how hard you work but how smart you are. Could the trend be traced to the rate people wake up into wealth without any tangible source of income? Youths believe that many of these emergency billionaires made it through social media and therefore they must follow suit. In so doing, many of them go through depression trying to cut their coat above the size of their cloth. Others resort to heinous crimes like fraud, prostitution, armed robbery, child trafficking, cultism and ritual murder using the Social media. Some people have also taken their lives due to depression, not being able to match up with what they see on the different social media platforms. Who is to blame for this menace? Many are quick to point accusing finger to government alone.  This is the normal tradition in this part of the world. A lot of people feel government should do everything for them.  Nobody is saying you should be the Rihana of Nigeria or the Jay Zee of Africa. But you decide to do like them on your own and to your peril. Don’t be deceived, a lot of people are living a fake life on social media, and the youths are being carried away.  Every day you see them buying new clothes, cars, shoes, handbags, and lots more. It is either their “Sugar Daddies” are buying these for them or they are just modeling the clothes for a particular brand. It could also be that rich people have decided to pay for them in exchange for something so precious. Youths be warned! It’s important you look well before you leap.

Recently, a media personality, Toke Makinwa posted a beautiful picture on Instagram and warned her fans not to be deceived by the picture, as she had her own problem she has been battling with.

The kind of society the social media has created for a lot of people has taken them to their early grave. Youths should not be bothered about the height some people say you should attain at a certain age, but should be focused and diligent on the legitimate things they lay their hands to do. Know that undue pressure on you will kill your happiness, self confidence and dreams.

You don’t have to do things by a certain age or standards, life works in different ways for everyone and you are different.

Just remember to never stop doing the right thing, your best and running at your own pace. That’s all life requires from you. Just make use of what you have while working hard. Resist the temptation of allowing people on social media to set standards for you. Learn to select the good from the social media, and let go of the bad ones.

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